Donut Fundraising

Donut Argue

The Apex club of Busselton purchased its first donut machine over thirty years ago to be used at the Festival of Busselton’s Petticoat Lane. At the time the club was completely divided about the decision to purchase this machine given the outlay although without doubt, that first night was a huge success with the queue extending well down Queen Street.  Since those humble beginnings, donut making has become our most iconic fundraising endeavors and provides the club with regular opportunities be part of our community whilst  making ‘the best donuts in the world’.  The club still participates in Petticoat Lane, along with a number of other regular events including the City of Busselton’s Closing Festival where we catered for close to 8000 people.  Apex has a number of machines, a purpose built trailer & marquee which are all available for hire to groups and individuals alike.

If you would like further information about hiring a machine for your event, please contact us via the website or via