Horse Vision

Apex Busselton is an avid supporter of our local Horse Vision. Horse Vision is an Equine Education Program which aims to support the personal growth of teenagers who are finding it difficult to engage in tertiary schooling. These children often have high truancy rates, poor participation and/or are disruptive in class often due to interpersonal difficulties.   Equine Therapy is an internationally regarded program.  Through the work with the horses, the young people learn new ways to communicate, build trust without expectation and become aware of boundaries and body cues through reading the energy of the horses. This is all done in a non-threatening way with a basis of play and fun. The learning taken from the program is transferable to the participant’s life outside the Centre. The aim for the students is to take away a deeper awareness of themselves. This includes how they appear to others, their role in relationships and how to form trusting relationships through understanding boundaries and developing their listening skills.

Having run very successfully through Busselton Senior High School’s Outreach Program, Apex Busselton began funding for additional students to attend the program. Unanimously the response has been positive; from students reporting improvements in self-esteem, to teachers reporting better behaviour and attendance in classes (see next page for testimonials).

It is on the merit of this success that the club applied for ongoing funding with the Apex Foundation’s Civil Widows Trust to sponsor double the number of recipients for this calendar year.   We were thrilled to receive the Trust’s financial support. The next step to promote the program more widely throughout other Apex Club’s as it is a fantastic, life changing youth- orientated support program