Margaret River BushFire

Margaret River Bushfire Busy Bee

20-22nd April 2012 the Apex Club of Busselton chose to get their hands dirty and help affected residents of the December 2011 bushfire. Rather than donate money to the lord mayors fund, we felt we could assist those who actually needed help by being there at ground zero and provide manpower to the residents of Redgate, Preverly and Gnarabup. Some of these residents had not received any money or assistance from the government or any other organisation. After months of logistical planning and two full days of hard work we were able to make a difference to several families who had lost so much. We took down a truck and cleared away several loads of burnt debris that one resident assured us that we saved him tens of thousands of dollars of which a contractor would have charged him. Other jobs included fixing a pump, re-mulching garden beds and the installation of several possum boxes to encourage native animals to return to this devastated landscape. You really had to be there to see the difference from before and after our efforts to really appreciate how much we had assisted these residents. It was a very humbling service project to be involved in and when you sit down at the end of a hard days work with a beer sharing stories with the affected residents, it really does make you be proud to be involved in Apex service work.


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