P.A.R.T.Y Program

The Prevention of Alcohol Related Trauma in Youth is an education program which aims to help adolescents adopt behaviours that minimise risk to themselves and others. In order to completely involve the students in the experience, students aged 14-18 are taken on excursion to an affiliated hospital and taken through a typical course of injury and treatment of someone involved in a trauma. Through a variety of teaching techniques (including interactive lectures, videos and tours, as well as a visit from injury survivors) students see first-hand what it would be like to be injured.   It is a highly successful program that has been running throughout Australia for the better part of a decade, the closest hospital offering this program being Bunbury WA (60km+ from Busselton).

When brought to our attention by our Service Director Alec Ovans, the ethos and outcomes of this program really resonated with Apex Busselton so this year we have been working closely with the co-ordinator of the Bunbury P.A.R.T.Y Program to make this service accessible to our Busselton high schools.    The first phase involves arranging and funding the placement of local Year 11 students at the Bunbury P.A.R.T.Y Program for 2017: this we have already accomplished via liaising and promoting the program throughout the local high schools (an initiative that was very enthusiastically received). The second phase is currently underway; with the focus being on starting a P.A.R.T.Y Program within the local Busselton Hospital.  Our current president is a General Practitioner with connections within the health system and preliminary discussions are very productive.   Funding avenues for this program have also been explored through discussions with the Apex Foundation and our local Bendigo bank.  Our aim is to have a program running in Busselton ready for intake in 2018.

Links: https://partyprogram.com/