Perthes Camp

A letter of thanks:

Dear Apex Busselton

Thank you very much for gifting us with $1000 to help fund Sachin and I to attend the first Perthes Australia Camp on the Gold Coast in October.  The camp itself has been a life changer. Prior to attending the camp, Sachin felt isolated and found it hard to make friends. He was struggling with the acceptance of having Perthes and often found excuses not to want to go to school.

There were a total of 27 kids all in various stages of their Perthes journey. 21 Boys and 6 girls – that’s the nature of Perthes as for some unknown reason, it predominantly is boys whom get this insidious disease.  One boy was only 4 weeks post-surgery. There were 6 kids in wheelchairs, about the same on crutches and everyone had a limp to a varying degree – 5 children also had bi-lateral Perthes.  All volunteers were parents of the children.

Sachin made friends, he had a group of buddies that just “got it”.  They all understood the pain, the lack of being restricted from sport and other activities and they all had faced the same journey of bullying and not being accepted. They formed a close bond – a Perthes Family. They have kept in touch since the camp and this alone has been the biggest contributing factor to Sachin now “feeling happy in his skin”. We had fun and did things we never thought possible. He had a ball!

As a parent, the change in my boy has made me so happy. It is a relief and I underestimated the value of what we would achieve from the camp. I have also now got a strong network of Perthes Parent friends who also understand this very personal journey. The support that I also feel is comforting. It is a lonely journey to face alone.

So, I want to say a very big and heartfelt thank you for making this happen for both of us – Sachin returned home and said to me “Mum, I only have Perthes you know”. Life has so many possibilities for him now and he is happy, he is making friends and he feels accepted. I hope you know what this has meant to us.

Once again – thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Kathryn and Sachin