Red25 Initiative

Pictured: Alec (left) and Anton (life member) donating a pint of the good stuff.

The Australia Red Cross Blood Donation Service has recently been appealing for donations given critically low levels of A,B and O type bloods. This has sparked their recent #missing type appeal (supported by Apex Busselton in the amendment of our logo on our Facebook Page). However, before this initiative, back in March 2016 Apex Busselton began a push for donations by first encouraging members to give of themselves – quite literally. Once this was achieved, the project grew into the promotion of Red25, a competition of sorts, in which the club hoped would pitch Apex Club against Apex Club to see who could recruit the most donations.  This initiative would not only drive donations but improve interclub interactions and increase the community’s discussion of Apex in general.   Our Regional Communicator recently pitched this idea to the National Board in the hope Red 25 would become a national campaign circa 1970-80’s.    The idea was well received and adjusted to reflect all donations falling under the Apex banner as a whole.  It is exciting to see Apex potentially united under one campaign again. Perhaps greatness like the Leukemia Foundation is a bit much to reach for, however lives will be saved with each new donation and that in itself, we feel, is worth the effort.