Sheep Shearing

Sheep Shearing

In the Busselton area there are many small holdings owned by people who have a few sheep to keep their grass down. Hence the need for low cost shearing each spring which is where Apex comes in.

Busselton APEX have been shearing local sheep for over 40 years for a small fee.  Around October each year,  we organise a Shearer and prepare the shearing shed which is generously lent to the club by an ex Apexian.  The sheep are then dropped off or are collected for a small fee, after which they are penned and marked with a soluble spray before being rousted up to the shearer.  Once the sheep are shorn, drench and back-lined is administered before they are returned to their oweners.

The wool is of varying types and quality, however Apex is fortunate enough to employ the services of two quality wool graders, which allows us to on-sell  the wool locally to help cover the cost of the shearer.

Sheep shearing is a great day out for the family – all are welcome to drop down and roust a sheep, pat a lamb or just have a cuppa.

Shearing generally occurs in the first week of October although the date is normally confirmed closer to the time via Facebook and advertisements in the local paper. If you would like us to add to you our regular Sheep Shearing contact list or for more information, please email