Terry’s Tracks

Terry’s Track

Over the last 12 months, Apex have been working hard to help out a disabled community member with a dream. A man by the name of Terry lost his mobility in a tragic accident and currently operates his wheelchair with a small mouth controlled gear stick.  Despite having moved away from his support network to live in Busselton, Terry’s never lost his love of racing remote petrol cars and dreamed of having his own race track to race on.  It may sound like a  flippant undertaking, but for Terry, this meant everything. So when we received the request for assistance from the Disability Service Commission, we couldn’t say no.

Terry planned to use his land adjacent to his house and had the plan all drawn up in Microsoft Paint (which is no mean feat given he used his mouth to direct the cursor).  We then marked out the track complete with jumps and dips before organising a bobcat  to level off grass and start forming the track. Since that has been done, our next step is to seal the main track and construct a viewing platform which is accessible by Terry’s wheelchair. Currently the platform is being designed and put through engineering for approval.  We aim to make it large enough so at least three other chaired individuals can race with Terry at the same time as it was our hope that this will provide Terry with the means to socialise with other like minded individuals and create a social remote car racing hub for the Shire  as nothing of this sort exists currently.

So far the construction has only cost us time and energy thanks to the generosity of Trade Hire, D Ágostino & Luff and Yallingup Earth Works.   The Commission has afforded the project a grant (to cover the cost of the platform and surfacing) and Apex is willing to donate its resources to see the project completed.

If you have carpentry or bob cat skills, we would be very keen to have you along for the day to assist in finalising the track. Its a great, fun project to be involved in, so drop us a line for more details.

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