Who We Are

Established in 1931 and still going strong – Apex is an authentic Aussie Icon with more than 200,000 members across Australia.   We consider ourselves an energetic young club, composed of members who are passionate about building a better local community through volunteering.  Solid friendships, new skills and numerous social events throughout the year means that Apex has a lot of offer those who are looking for a way to give back and connect to their local community.

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Donating time

Every year without seeking recognition, the Apex club of Busselton offer a service to the community in a variety of ways. This year so far, the Apex Club of Busselton has contributed over 600 hours of active service to the community. Service jobs have consisted of fundraising activities like selling hot food at the closing night of the Festival of Busselton and making Donuts at Petticoat Lane, Busselton Show and the Jetty Swim with our famous donut machines. Genuine service jobs have included helping the elderly shift house, our annual sheep shearing event for hobby farmers and creating a remote control car track for a local quadriplegic.  Service hours are recorded but not necessarily promoted as per one of our ideals which is “To make service the basis of all enterprise”. 600+ service hours is an outstanding effort for a club consisting of 7 active members, but we could not achieve the great work we do without friends, family and past/life members of the club. Well done to everyone who has contributed to the Apex club this year!

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Donating raised funds

The Busselton Apex club also assists worthy causes by making cash donations.  In particular assisting young people through sponsorship of annual school awards, raising money for children with disabilities and donating to charities such as ‘Investing in our Youth’ and the Cerebral Palsy Association of Western Australia .

Following the Margaret River Bushfires in 2011 the Busselton Apex club raised funds to assist those devastated by fire to get back on their feet.  This included holding a quiz night with all the money raised going to those in need.  The Busselton Apex club prides themselves on helping others in the community in need through making donations.

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Whilst making great friends.

Arguably one of the more important focuses of the club is the social side which has been explored on many a great occasion.  These range from golf days and tenpin bowling in Bunbury,  to progressive dinners held at club members houses to trying our luck at fishing – especially on our yearly trip to Pemberton for a bit of camping, BBQ and fun & games. On the way home we have gone into Yugerup for some 4WD fun in the sand dunes (with getting bogged an optional extra). The annual pool party at the Beynon’s marks the end of our hectic summer fundraising and we have been known to dabble in Halloween costumes and boogie to the wee hours.  In general we try to get together as a group and kick our heels up and enjoy each other’s company.  Always open to new ideas for catch ups, the social aspect provides a welcome reprieve from the busyness of life.


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 National Recognition

In addition to cleaning up at the National Awards this year, in 2013 our club took out the National Apex Award for Best Service Club.  This is quite an honour as it recognises the Australian Apex club that has contributed the most to its local community. Having completed over 700 hours of service time, Busselton Apex club stood out amongst its peers with fresh fundraising ideas and the development of Busselton’s Apex Park (the latter largely lead by Anton Mann) .  In the same year, the club’s Service Director, Donnetta Blackford received the WA State Apexian of the Year. In only her third year, Donnetta was pleasantly surprised, although was quick to acknowledge the support and hard work of her fellow members.   All Apexians would agree that service is not about recognition, although these awards are a wonderful way of reinforcing the good work we do and shines the national spotlight on Busselton.